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Selecting a Property Management company to oversee the day-to-day operations of your property requires careful consideration, and Key Holding is a pivotal aspect of our service.

Our Key Holding service grants us access to your property for the purpose of fulfilling your specified responsibilities. Your key will be securely stored on our premises at all times, equipped with RFID tagging for precise tracking of key usage. This ensures that we always know who has access to your property, providing an extra layer of security and accountability. The safekeeping of your keys is a paramount responsibility for us and a cornerstone of the trust you place in our services.

Rest assured, we will never release your key to guests or tradesmen unless you provide us with explicit instructions. Tradesmen will be accompanied at all times and never left unsupervised.

Key Holding is a commonplace practice in Cyprus, contributing to the seamless management of your property. You can have confidence that you will always be informed about the whereabouts of your key.”