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Maximize Your Cyprus Property’s Potential with PREMIER!

Do you own a stunning property with a pool in Cyprus that’s currently sitting vacant?

Why let your valuable asset go unused when it could be generating income for you? Say goodbye to the hassles of maintenance, costs, and bureaucracy – just get in touch with us!

At PREMIER, we pledge to offer you the most competitive rental rates available in Cyprus. Additionally, we provide you with the option to have your villa meticulously cared for by our highly skilled staff.

Contact us today to explore the possibility of renting your villa through us – without any obligations, stress, or pressure!


Why Choose PREMIER for Your Listing?

Wide Online Exposure: We showcase your property on various high-traffic platforms, including Airbnb, VRBO, and
Specialised in Cyprus Holiday Rentals: We exclusively focus on holiday rentals in Cyprus, bringing expertise and experience to your property management.
Strategic Marketing Investment: We allocate a substantial portion of your commission to annual marketing efforts, ensuring a steady flow of inquiries and attracting top-tier holiday rental clients.
Comprehensive In-House Services: With our fully self-contained operations, which include our Protaras office, laundry, warehouse, and dedicated maintenance, cleaning, and management team, we guarantee the highest level of service and quality for our guests.
Round-the-Clock Customer Support: Our multilingual holiday rental sales team is available 24/7, 7 days a week, ensuring that a real person is always ready to assist our valued guests.