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Market your Cyprus property with PREMIER!

Do you have a private villa with a pool in Cyprus you’d like to rent out? 

Don’t leave your villa sitting empty when it could be working for you and earning money! Do not worry about any hassle, maintenance costs or being tied up in red tape, just speak to us!

At PREMIER, we guarantee you the best possible rent anyone in Cyprus will be able to offer you. We also offer you the option to have your villa looked after by our highly trained staff.

Contact us today to find out about renting your villa with us with no obligation, hassle, or pressure!

Why should I list with PREMIER?

We only operate, and are therefore specialised in holiday rentals in Cyprus.
We invest a large portion of your commission in marketing per year to make sure we get a high volume of enquiries and the best possible holiday rental clients.
We operate everything in-house, meaning we have our own office in Protaras, our own laundry, our own warehouse, our own maintenance, cleaning and management team, securing the best possible service & quality for our guests.
We have a multi-lingual holiday rental sales team, 7 days a week 24 hours a day, ensuring a real person always picks up the phone to speak to our guests.

We list your villa on a ALL of these websites and more!