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It is a fact that villas with swimming pools generate more rental revenue. Your pool may look clean, but a clean pool isn’t necessarily a healthy pool.

There is more to looking after a pool than chlorinating it. The effects of an incorrectly balanced pool can have serious cost implications as the life of your pool pump and equipment could be severely shortened. Care about your guests?? Of course you do, but does your current pool operator know how to prevent cases such as E.Coli and Legionaries Disease amongst others?? We do!!

We maintain pools to the NSPF Certified pool and spa operator standard and follow all the procedures and practices laid down in the EU 15288-2 standards document. Don’t leave yourself open to insurance claims by using an uncertified pool operator.

We attend to your pool twice weekly in summer (April – October) and once weekly in winter (November – March).

Whilst it is easy to think your pool does not need maintaining in winter, there are no guests there so why maintain it, right? WRONG! In most cases, owners who have decided not to have a pool maintained over winter has had to spend MORE than what they would in maintenance fees just to get the pool right for the next season. Don’t make this mistake, it will save you a fortune!

Our pool maintenance service is carried out to the highest standards to ensure that the pool is always well presented and is kept to a safe and hygienic level. Our service includes all chemicals which are of top quality. We use the latest DIGITAL technology to give your pool the best maintenance it deserves.

On each visit we perform the following tasks:

Swimming pool waterline cleaned.
Bottom of swimming pool vacuumed.
All swimming pool filters removed and thoroughly cleaned.
Water surface skimmed.
Chemical level checked and adjusted according to season.
Pool filter backwash and rinsed.
Top up of water level.
Check pool lights are working.
Report any issues directly.
A log of all readings and chemical amounts added is kept for you to view at any time.